our yoga sanctuary

The Yoga Sanctuary at Flow Motion

Our yoga sanctuary is different than a traditional yoga studio. 

Here’s how we shine:

Yoga with Your Nervous System in Mind

Given the high-pressure demands we’re often presented with in our fast-paced lives, it’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed, fatigued, or rundown. Five spaces make up the yoga sanctuary at Flow Motion and they’re each designed to have an immediate effect and impact on your mood and emotions. We combine nature’s elements with therapeutic ambiance to restore balance to your nervous system.

The Series Method

Students at Flow Motion sign up for a series of classes instead of buying a big package of classes upfront or signing up for a membership. Students love this for 3 reasons:

No Commitment

No need to spend several hundred dollars upfront for class punch cards, with the chance of not being able to use them up before they expire. Students often have great intentions, but life can sometimes get in the way. No need to commit to a lengthy membership contract. Yoga – commitment = more ease.

Establish Consistency

Consistency is often more important than frequency. Establish your weekly yoga routine as part of your lifestyle. 

Familiar Faces

It’s nice to practice yoga with those you know and it’s comforting to take classes where you’ll see the same people each week. You might meet your new walking buddy by taking 4-weeks of the same class together.

Ready for class? Check out our yoga etiquette and policies.

Sanctuary Classrooms

All three of our yoga spaces were designed with the energy and feeling we’d like to impart while you’re here. Our goal is to help you decompress, physically and energetically, as soon as you walk through the door. All three rooms feature historic, exposed timbers. 

Radiance Room

The coziest size of our three rooms, this room is filled with sunshine during the day and makes for a cozy space in the evenings for candlelight classes. Filled with plants and rich, velvet curtains, it inspires peace and tranquility. 

Twilight Room

This room invites stillness and quiet felt from low light along with the energetic feeling of warmth emanating from giant Himalayan salt lamps and walls. Any warm yoga or infrared hot yoga classes are held here. 

Celestial Suite

With gradual sloped ceilings, this room is named for the uplifting energy often found in our aerial classes. With the color combination of white and purple, it inspires simplicity, wisdom, and spirituality. 

Specialty Spaces

Sometimes we’ll hold yoga classes in special spaces, depending on the time of the year.  

Yoga on the Lawn

There’s nothing better than a sunny day, fresh air, and stretching out on a soft patch of green grass for yoga on the lawn. 

Class is held either on the Carnation back lawn with a view of the historic Ferndale smokestack or along the bank of the Nooksack River with a view of the famous Metallica Bridge. Yoga outdoors is a great way to get back to nature!

Salt Cave Yoga

Pranayama, or yogic breathing, connects with yoga asana poses in each class. Yoga in the salt cave takes it to another level with halotherapy.  

Stemming from the Greek word for salt, halo therapy is experienced by breathing in a micro-particulate of pure salt during a session. Oxygenating the blood and easing inflammation of airways, it’s a therapeutic boost during yoga. 


Our social Parlor opens 30-minutes before each class for complimentary communiTEA. This time is designed for you to begin to release what you’re carrying from your day, let go, and either curl up in the corner with a short read or get to know people from the class you’re taking together. 

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