VIP spa membership

A Wellness Ecosystem

As a spa that understands your unique needs, we invite you to step into your own personal haven of tranquility and well-being with our VIP Spa Membership. 

Journey Beyond the Spa

Level up your rest and recovery routine, as we’ve created a comprehensive wellness ecosystem with our yoga offerings and unique healing sessions.  

Carefully curated for individuals who are seeking optimal vitality, the VIP Spa Membership helps you go beyond the spa with an abundance of service discounts, making each visit a holistic, yet affordable, self-care experience.

Membership Details

Four sessions, normally priced at $49/visit, are included each month. Book individual session visits or book several during one visit for even better results. See options below.

Membership is only $109/month! Unused sessions roll-over to the next month with the opportunity to use them that month before they expire. *Minimum 12-month membership requirement. Month-to-month thereafter. Last month’s dues required at sign-up. 

30 Memberships Available

Due to the steep discounts on sessions, there are only 30 membership spots available at any given time. Once full, prospective members may join our waitlist.

Biohacking: Detox,

Recovery, & Mindfulness

Who is this membership for? Those who either consistently maintain a healthy lifestyle or know they need to start somewhere are best served with a membership to save money on visits to Flow Motion’s healing spa and all of the opportunities to use services that help with keeping inflammation at bay, breathing easier, detoxing, mindfulness, & more.

There are also LOTS of membership perks with opportunities for discounts on everything Flow Motion has to offer!

The VIP Spa Membership Gives Access to Six Options:

Each month, choose four session visits from any of the six options below. Customize your wellness regimen depending on the season, how you feel, or what you need. Booking several services back-to-back multiplies the effectiveness of each service.

*All services are experienced in a group setting unless otherwise noted.


in the Salt Cave

  • 45-minute Session
  • Sessions available at Noon or 4pm 

This experience best serves those who need the skin or respiratory benefits of halotherapy, but who also need time to decompress, balance the nervous system, reduce stress, and relieve tension.  

Brine Inhalation

in the Amethyst Cave

  • 45-minute Session
  • Sessions available at Noon or 4pm

This crystal cave experience creates balance and is meant for those who understand the impact stress has on the body. Listen to the peaceful sounds of the salt-water graduation tower, generating negative ions just like the ocean.

Zero Gravity

Massage Chair

  • 45-minute Session
  • Sessions available at Noon or 4pm

Release the muscle tension you’re always carrying. This services pairs really well with either of our saunas and should be scheduled after the sauna session. Read a good book or close your eyes and rest during your massage. 


in the BioFlow Booth

  • 20-minute Session
  • Sessions available every 30 minutes

This private experience best serves those who need the skin or respiratory benefits of halotherapy, but who are short on time or who lead a busy life. Multiple modalities are included during your session to make the most of it.


Infrared Sauna

  • 30-45 Minute Session
  • Sessions available every hour, on-the-hour

Experience the full range of infrared in this private, one-person sauna. Six different pre-set programs ranging from 30-45 minutes offer near, mid, & far infrared along with color therapy options. 

Himalayan Salt

Infrared Sauna 

  • 45-minute Session
  • Sessions available at Noon or 4pm

Bring your bathing suit! There’s plenty of room to stretch out in our far infrared sauna. This sauna gets nice and hot with our dual heating system. Enjoy beautiful ambiance and a good sweat sesh. 

The Perks to Membership:

In addition to the four session visits included monthly, all VIP Spa Members receive the following perks during membership:

Save $20 on additional sessions of the following:

Salted Halotherapy in the Salt Cave 

Salted Halotherapy in the BioFlow Booth

Brine Inhalation in the Amethyst Cave

Group Infrared Himalayan Salt Sauna

Private Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Zero-Gravity Massage Chair Sessions

Save $10 on any of the following:

Spa Passes

Yoga Class Series

Yoga Workshops

Sound Baths (Grounded, Floating, or in the Salt Cave)

Customized Massages (60, 90, or 120-Minute Services)

Specialty Massages (CBD, Salt Stone, or Chakra Massages)

Energy Healing Sessions (Vibrational Sound Therapy or AromaTouch)

Save $40 on Bliss Out Packages!

60-Minute Customized Massage

Salted Halotherapy in the Salt Cave 

3- Hour Spa Pass

*Perks are subject to change at any time and cannot be combined with any other discount, package, special, or promotion. Perks are only available for the member and cannot be shared.

Become a Spa VIP

Witness the harmonious union of self-care and savings, where wellness and affordability coexist.

Join us at Flow Motion and step into a happier, healthier you!

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