thanksgiving yoga


November 22, 2018

If you would like to donate but will not be able to make our Thanksgiving class, please find Hot Yoga Tallahassee’s GoFundMe page here.

You can also leave cash donations at the Flow Motion front counter before Thanksgiving & we will add it to our collective donation to their GoFundMe account.

Non-perishable foods may be left at the front counter. We made a HUGE donation last year to the Ferndale Food Bank. Let’s do it again!


Our goal is to have the biggest class in Flow Motion’s history to raise the vibe of love & graitude in our cOMmUNITY! 


Invite your friends on Facebook via our event page


Give Thanks

Join your Flow Motion community this Thanksgiving morning for a special cash donation class to cultivate gratitude, lift up a fellow yoga community in need, & contribute to our local Ferndale Food Bank. RSVP today!

Bring your canned goods & cash donations to join in with your fellow Flow Motion yogis and your favorite Anusara yoga teacher Elena, who will be guiding you through a very special 75 minute class. 

This Year is Different

On Friday November 2, a yoga studio in Tallahassee Florida was forever changed when a gunman walked in and senselessly did the unthinkable. A yoga community was changed. Two students lost their lives.

The owner of Hot Yoga Tallahassee is an online friend of Alyssa, Flow Motion’s owner. Brittani has helped Alyssa with various things, answered questions, & helped with advice when asked. It’s hard to think something like this would happen to someone you have connected with. It’s quite difficult to imagine what their community is going through, but we will come together just like hundreds of other yoga studios across our country. We will lift them up through love, through positive intention, & bless their community with each of your donations this Thanksgiving. All proceeds will be donated to their GoFundMe page to help them rebuild, bring healing to Brittani, to her community, & to the families of the students who passed away. 

We ask that you bring an item with you to class on Thursday November 22 that inspires love and expresses gratitude. You’ll get to take your item home at the end of class. We will place each of our items on a makeshift altar in the center of our classroom to help us focus our intention of community, coming together, & remembering the good in people. Please bring an item that inspires those feelings within you.

Please, bring your friends and your family visiting from out of town. We love to meet them each year! RSVP so that we can be prepared with enough space for our Thanksgiving morning practice!

With Gratitude,

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