relaxation lounge

Relax and Let Go

Our relaxation lounge is often the first sanctuary space we invite you to enjoy when you visit Flow Motion. A space to decompress, you’re invited to come early before any service in our healing spa and to stay after to fully absorb the healing effects of your time here. Access to this lounge is also included in every membership we offer at Flow Motion. 

Enjoy a Variety of Amenities

  • Vibrational massage chairs
  • Our “famous” beanbag corner
  • Hot tea bar featuring a variety of Pukka teas and Yogi teas with inspirational tea tags
  • 432 Hz music and fireplace
  • Plant towers for air purification and oxygen
  • Complimentary spring water
  • Aromatherapy bar to nourish your mind & senses

Are you ready to recharge?


Our Spa Pass gives you access to the Relaxation Lounge and so much more.

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