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Yoga is Back!

*Scroll to the bottom of this page to access our Class Calendar and sign up for yoga classes. 

After an 8-month closure due to Covid, yoga and infrared hot yoga are back! Please review our Covid mask policy before signing up for classes. 

Yoga props are available to borrow for all classes, with the exception of yoga blankets. If you would like to purchase a yoga blanket, we have them available for sale in our wellness boutique. Yoga mats are available for a $3/mat rental. 

We have some new policies in place. Please take a few minutes to read before booking! 

Yoga Policy Adjustments

We ask that everyone register for class ahead of time as we no longer accept walk-ins. If it is your first class with us, please visit the homepage of our website to create an account. Once your waiver is signed, you’ll be automatically logged into the online scheduler and may book class from there. After your account is created you may also download the WellnessLiving Achieve app to your phone and schedule from there if that is more convenient for you.

We hold class even if only one student has registered, but if no students have registered for a class two hours before it is scheduled to begin, the class for that day will be cancelled and removed from our online scheduler. Please be sure to use the online scheduler and sign up before the two-hour window closes. You may either log on using the homepage of our website or the WellnessLiving Achieve scheduling app.

Please be aware that our class cancellation policy is 24 hours. If you need to cancel a class reservation, please log into our online scheduler to make any necessary cancellations 24 hours before your reservation. In the event of a cancellation less than 24 hours before your class begins, $25 will be charged to your credit card on file as a late cancel/no-show fee.

Classroom doors open 15 minutes before every class. We encourage students to fully utilize this time to center and balance yourself, adjust to the room temperature, and soak in the quiet before class starts. We ask that students don’t arrive any earlier or congregate outside classrooms with classes in progress. Unfortunately we do not have a waiting room, but early students are welcome to come in and browse in the wellness boutique before the classroom doors open.

We will no longer be accepting late arrivals into classes. Once the class has begun, check-in will be closed. This ensures a quiet, reflective time for the beginning grounding portion of class without any disruptions from the door opening/closing and late students setting up. We want to be fair to the students who arrived on time since this portion of class sets the tone for the remainder of their hour, so please understand that we cannot make exceptions. Please adjust your schedule so you arrive 15 minutes before every class. If you’re attending class for the very first time, please give yourself extra time to park and find us in this big historic building! If you miss a class due to a late arrival, please refer to our cancellation policy for late-cancellations.

Water dispensers are no longer available. Please bring pre-filled water bottles from home. Spring water is available for purchase in our reception area.

Summer Yoga Pricing

Classes must be pre-paid ahead of time. Credit from a single class can always be issued toward a new payment option should you decide to purchase a pass or punch card after your class is over. 

Single Class: $25

10-Class Punch Card: $190

Unlimited Summer Pass: $59 (unlimited classes until September 30) 

The Summer Pass is priced to include two free weeks to help you work around your summer travels. Take any class you’d like on our schedule with this pass! We will be pro-rating the pass each week so if you are starting after mid-July when we re-open, you will only be paying for the remainder of the summer. The original rate started at $239 and has now been reduced.

Our regular memberships and membership pricing will resume October 1, 2021.

Spread the Word

Resuming yoga during the summer in the PNW is something we considered putting on hold until the fall when everyone “comes back,” but we know that some of you are very eager to return. Since we lost our entire membership last year, it’s daunting to put our full class schedule back up when we don’t know how many people will sign up during the summer. We’re taking the chance! But we’d absolutely love appreciate helping us spread the word that yoga is back. Thank you for sharing or for bringing a friend.


Class Calendar

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