infrared hot yoga classes

Detox on a cellular level

As the first yoga studio in Whatcom County to offer infrared hot yoga, we know that this gentle heat technology is amazingly therapeutic. Infrared has the potential to ease joint pain, muscle tension, and improve your skin’s appearance. Infrared heaters convert light directly to heat without raising the air temperature. Just like natural sunlight, your body will absorb the heat directly.

Because of the lower air temperature and lower humidity compared to traditional hot yoga, infrared hot yoga is the perfect therapeutic environment for students with respiratory issues. And since this technology does not recirculate air in order to warm the room, airborne bacteria and pathogens are dramatically reduced.

Because infrared heat is so ideal for the body, hospitals use the technology to keep new born babies warm. You’ll benefit from increased circulation, muscle flexibility, enhanced collagen production, and strengthening of the immune and cardiovascular systems. Infrared causes molecules to vibrate, expelling toxins and impurities from your cells released through sweat. The result is a cleansing detox at a cellular level.

In our hot yoga studio, you’ll sense a gentle heat increasing in your body as you move. You’ll love the serenity of the space and the energy of the glowing Himalayan salt lamps. We recommend arriving 15 minutes early to allow amply time for your body to gradually acclimate and warm up before class starts.

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Please note, not all classes listed below may be offered on our current schedule as offerings vary from time-to-time.

The air temperature of our hot yoga room is 90 degrees. Infrared heat takes over after that, making the room feel 10-15 degrees warmer than the air temperature. All warm yoga classes are held after a hot yoga class with no active heat coming from the heaters. The warmth from the room slowly dissapates over time as the class nears the end.

Currently, we are not able to offer water dispensing stations, but bottled spring water is for sale in the lobby. While showers are not available, we do sell disposable Yuni brand Shower Sheets and Flash Bath in the lobby to freshen up with. Loaner mats are available for a small rental fee, but bringing your own yoga mat and yoga props is welcomed. For those who perspire quite a bit we also recommend bringing a yoga mat-sized towel to place over your yoga mat in class.

Hot Yin

Breathe through every held asana

Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures held for longer periods of time to achieve a deep stretch and state of relaxation. You will be laying on your mat for most of this class. As you breathe through the asana, you will be invited to move deeply into the pose; finding your body’s “edge.” By creating and then working through this tension in the body, we find release, healing, and mental clarity. Great emphasis is placed on breathing through each asana. Instructors encourage practice and patience as your body releases into each pose with the aid of breath and focused attention. 

Hot Hatha Flow

Intentional + centering yoga

Enhance your practice through this intentional, centering style of yoga teaching. Hatha yoga will provide you with ample opportunity to stretch, unwind, and release tension while being coached through yogic breathing techniques. Emphasis is placed on mindfulness and alignment of the body for an intentional, safe experience. Poses are both sustained for brief periods of time and sequenced for a great yoga experience.

Hot Vinyasa Flow

Synchronize your breath to movement

Vinyasa synchronizes movement to the breath: the Sanskrit is literally translated as meaning “connection,” channeling the power of breath and flowing movement. Often, this style is referred to as “flow yoga” because of the smooth way that the poses run together. The breath becomes an important component as you move from one pose to the next with an inhale or upon an exhale: rarely is the body still.

Vinyasa is both a great place to start for beginners and for those who seek continual challenge. Your synchronized breathing as you flow through the Sun Salutations will relax your mind and release any blockage of energy throughout your body.

Hot VinYin

Yoga fusion

The fusion of Vinyasa flow – heat/strength/balance, is blended with Yin’s internal awareness – quieting of the mind and body.

This unique class series is designed to allow connective integration of energy flow, joint mobility, and fascial unwinding throughout the entire body.

Warm VinYin

Warmth + yoga fusion

Keep your joints, muscles and mind active and restored throughout the seasons. The room is warm from the previous hot class, which is great for those who just want to dip their toe in the water or who shy away from hot classes. 

The fusion of Vinyasa flow – heat/strength/balance, is blended with Yin’s internal awareness – quieting of the mind and body.

This unique class series is designed to allow connective integration of energy flow, joint mobility, and fascial unwinding throughout the entire body.

Hot Hatha Sequence

Progression with compassion

This class is modeled after the 26 poses in the Bikram Sequence, but without the regimented mentality. After taking a few other yoga classes, be sure to add this one in once weekly to your yoga practice as the pace and flow of the 26 poses never, ever changes. 

This class stands alone on our class schedule and will be an amazing benchmark for you to see progress throughout your ongoing practice. And taught with compassion, everyone is welcome to go at their pace.

Warm Hygge Yoga

Contentment with the little things in life

Just like the temperature, the atmosphere in a Hygge Yoga class (pronounced hoo-gah) is warm and cozy with togetherness of community highlighted. This is a signature Flow Motion class designed to balance the nervous system for those living high-stress lives.

This class is simple with candlelight and aromatherapy, using doTerra’s Hygge blend of essential oils affecting mood and emotions as soon as you walk in, working synergistically to help set the mood of contentment with the little things in this class.

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