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The Energy Exchange Program

We believe that everyone deserves to nourish their mind, body, and spirit regardless of their financial situation. The Energy Exchange Program is a great way to become part of the Flow Motion community, meet some amazing people, and keep yoga accessible for everyone. 

This opportunity isn’t a volunteer position, but rather an equal trade between studio and student that’s an integral part of our yoga sanctuary and student community. If accepted into the program, in exchange for helping out with one weekly three-hour block of time, you’ll have your own yoga membership to take classes at Flow Motion. Partial pay/exchange or exchange for any other service or membership is not available at this time.

Those interested in the Energy Exchange Program should have already participated in our two week, new student Intro Offer before applying for this program.

Tasks such as light cleaning and folding towels are generally done during quiet times, so it offers you an opportunity to be in an uplifting yet relaxing environment. Many of our former E-Ex students found it to be an incredibly relaxing experience to come in and dust, sweep, and contribute to enhancing the sanctuary space. These days, laundry is washed and dried on site. It’s hard to describe why folding laundry at Flow Motion is so much more enjoyable than when you’re folding at home, but it is! It’s meditative and relaxing.

If a weekly commitment doesn’t work with your schedule, we will occasionally accept a talented collaborator that would be a positive contribution and help make Flow Motion a more beautiful place. Please include any special skills in your E-EX application.

I always wanted to try yoga, but was unable due to finances. I couldn’t pass up the Energy Exchange Program when I discovered it. I was in sad shape when I arrived at Flow Motion. I turned 50 and was having a hard time walking long distances and standing at work. Several years into the program and I haven’t looked back. I love attending evening yoga classes and with the help of a compassionate group, my whole self has changed. I feel calmer, I’m more flexible (I can now touch my toes), and I make time for self-care. Flow Motion helped ignite the spark that was already there and I can’t thank them enough for the opportunity through the Energy Exchange Program.


Past Energy Exchange Student

Energy Flows Where Intention Goes

Since Flow Motion is a healing spa and yoga sanctuary that focuses on the inward journey, we believe our students in the E-EX program have an important role in the community, making Flow Motion a more beautiful place to be. We take strides to ensure your Energy Exchange experience is as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible since you are first and foremost a community member. That starts with knowing the details before applying for the program.

  • 8 Classes/Month Yoga Membership

  • 3-month minimum commitment and month-to-month thereafter, just like a yoga member. All membership perks, details, and treatment is the same as any other member

  • A predictable, set 3-hour time block each week for your exchange

  • Routine tasks: light cleaning inside the classrooms or spa, folding laundry, taking out trash/recycling, assisting with special projects, helping your yoga teacher set up or clean up after class 

Since the Energy Exchange Program is not work, nor is it a volunteer position, you may discontinue your participation in the E-EX program and switch to being a paying yoga member to complete your 3-month minimum membership requirement. Everything is month-to-month after that with 30-days notice, like all of our memberships. Your last month’s dues will still be collected up front, just like any member, but in the case of an Energy Exchange Student, the last month’s dues will be returned to you at the completion of your last full month of the program if you’ve given full notice of your membership cancellation. Payment plans for your last month’s dues are available for Energy Exchange Students.

Please start by completing your new student special (the Intro Offer) and apply for the Energy Exchange Program below.

The Energy Exchange Program is an awesome opportunity that I’ve been part of for several years. It has allowed me to take hot yoga classes, use the infrared sauna, massage chairs, and it’s all helped ease tension in my body, heart, and mind. Life can be stressful and I’m grateful to be part of the program so I can enjoy amenities at the studio to help me find balance. There is a great sense of community at Flow Motion and I’m proud to be part of the team.


Past Energy Exchange Student


You are passionate, energetic, and organized! You are a strong self-starter, able to work independently, but can also thrive within a team.


You’re committed to nurturing your mind & body, striving to live a balanced and healthy life both on and off the mat.


You are invested in your yoga studio and happy to be involved and part of the yoga community.


You have a grounded schedule that allows you commit with confidence to one 3-hour shift every week for a minimum of 3 months.

I loved Flow Motion’s Energy Exchange Program! Volunteering in exchange for a membership was a perfect opportunity for me. Just being present at the studio, regardless if it was for a yoga class or my time helping, it was a calming experience from the welcoming ambiance all the way to the friendliness of the staff. I appreciated Alyssa’s creativeness to think outside of the box giving everyone an opportunity to be a part of the Flow Motion community. 


Past Energy Exchange Student

Apply to be Considered

When you fill out your Energy Exchange Application, please note your availability. If we can’t make any of your available times work, we will put you on a wait list for your desired time. Please thoughtfully read about the program before applying to be sure it compliments a healthy life balance and is right for you at this time. Due to the number of applications we receive, we ask that you only apply once you are ready to begin your Energy Exchange shift. 

Energy Exchange Application

We look forward to welcoming you as part of our community!

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