bioflow booth

A Private Experience

The BioFlow Booth is a private experience with a combination of modalities to experience inside. It’s perfect for those seeking solitude or who don’t want to share space in the bigger salt cave with others.  


Salted halotherapy is the heart and keystone of each BioFlow session. Designed for those who are short on time, each session is only 20-minutes.  

Salt – Salt – Salt

Our new halogenerator for salt therapy sessions has arrived from Estonia! A pink Himalayan salt slab floor gives a sturdy base to stretch out on.

Fun Fact: 

Because of its smaller size compared to the salt cave, the BioFlow Booth reaches full salt saturation quickly, reducing the need for a long session length. More time after full air saturation doesn’t equal more benefit, so the BioFlow Booth is a timesaver for busy people who need the therapy. If you’re looking for a longer session to decompress, try our group salted halotherapy sessions in the Himalayan salt cave. 

Biohacking & Recovery

The BioFlow Booth is one of the core offerings for biohackers at Flow Motion. Designed for those who are looking for ways to enhance their longevity and lead a better quality of life, breathing better means increased oxygen, improved immunity, and more energy. 

For those leading an active lifestyle, the BioFlow Booth is a great athletic recovery tool. Salted halotherapy has been shown to aide in better lung function, improve overall performance, aid in endurance, and help during post-workout recovery.

Tips During a BioFlow Session:

  • When to arrive: for the best experience, we recommend arriving early, at least 10 minutes. The complimentary hot tea bar opens 30 minutes before each session though.

  • What to wear: A minimum of shorts are required for all and a sports bra for women to expose more skin for skin-health benefits. Athletic or yoga attire is appropriate if you’ll be using the provided mat. For those that just want to rest, your regular clothing is appropriate. You may just need to “dust” the salt off at the end of your session.

The BioFlow Booth Encompasses Six Modality Options: 

Choose one or a few during each visit depending on how you feel or what you need. The BioFlow Booth was intentionally created to help you make the most of your time and improve your health with up to six different modalities during your session. It is important to note, more is not always better when it comes to stacking your modality choices. We recommend choosing 2-4 to have the most impact during your visit. 

Salted Halotherapy 

  • Breathe Deep, Exhale Refreshed

Offered with each session, many find halotherapy to help relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of allergies, sinusitis, & wildfire smoke irritation.  


  •  Harness Nature’s Aromatic Essence

The pure Breathe Respiratory Blend of essential oils is known for opening the airways and allows an even more effective halotherapy session.  


  • Healing Through the Hues

Color therapy has a deep impact on our lives and choices. Select your own color therapy based on your goals or feelings. 


Guided Meditation

  • Unlock Mindfulness & the Fluidity of Being

Delve into inner work with a brief guided meditation. With other modalities working to relax the body, training the brain is a perfect compliment. 

Yoga & Stretch

  • Flow with Intention

A yoga mat is provided should you like to connect breathwork, movement, or stretch during your session.

Amethyst Infrared Therapy 

  • Crystal Healing Meets Infrared Warmth

Amethyst is a natural conductor for the infrared heat therapy experienced in this optional back and seat mat. Best used when relaxing in a chair. 

A Multisensory Immersion

The BioFlow Booth was designed to be impactful. Each of the eight senses (yes, there are more than five!) are subtly engaged. This allows your brainwaves to slow, muscle tension to ease, and the breath and body to merge into balance.

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