amethyst crystal cave

Amethyst Crystal Cave and Wet-Salt Therapy


Wet Salt Therapy Session Times

Monday – Thursday

12pm, 4pm, 8pm

Friday – Sunday

12pm & 4pm

  • A single session, our Therapeutic Care Card, or a Salt Therapy membership may be used to schedule an appointment
  • Time frames are subject to change 
  • 8am appointments are available for groups of two or more. Please call (360) 393-8829 to inquire for booking

The Amethyst Crystal Cave

The amethyst cave seats four people and is covered in amethyst crystal clusters of varying lavender, lilac, violet, and deep purple hues hailing from Brazil and Uruguay. Artistically created stalactites help create a cave-like feel where the earth surrounds you and the softly illuminated rare white Himalayan salt walls reveal the brilliant sparkle of the amethyst. 

The therapeutic benefits of the wet-salt therapy from the salt-waterfall, known as a graduation tower, can best be enjoyed seated comfortably in our reclining chairs with your feet on our soft infrared-heated cork floors. Eye pillows and other amenities are available for purchase at the front counter. 

Perfect for meditation and relaxation, acoustic therapy from the waterfall boosts well-being, encourages sound sleep, and helps your brain create a more peaceful pace of thought. Negative ions can be found in nature: forests, oceans, and waterfalls. The moving water from the graduation tower brings nature indoors where we can enjoy it year-round.

Chromotherapy, or color therapy, from the soft white and soft purple light have therapeutic benefits relating to mental relaxation and restoration of the crown chakra, movement toward light and pure consciousness, peace, and purified joy. 

All gemstones and minerals have a unique frequency or vibration. Amethyst, an excellent conductor of infrared wavelengths, is boosted by the infrared heated floor, supplying its own healing benefits.

Where did the idea come from? 

Many people ask where the idea for this therapeutic room came from. It’s a combined concept of a salt-therapy center and a Korean spa. For therapeutic benefit, Flow Motion has separate wet-salt therapy and dry-salt therapy caves. The wet-salt therapy is distributed via a salt-waterfall called a graduation tower in the amethyst cave. 

Korean spas have multiple go-at-your-own-pace rooms that are covered in various stones, gems, or natural elements: salt rooms, clay, charcoal, jade, and even gold. You sit or lay on the floor of these rooms that are heated to various temperatures. Since the goal in the amethyst cave is respiratory support, the room is air temperature.

While visiting over a dozen salt caves on a research trip across the country, one cave in Pennsylvania had a Himalayan salt room with amethyst cathedrals in it called the amethyst room. This was the main spark for the vision of what was to become the amethyst cave with walls covered in amethyst clusters around the graduation tower. 

In salt therapy centers, “cave” is common in name and decor. Flow Motion owner Alyssa Springs belonged to several caving clubs over the years across the country as well as the National Speleological Society. Exploring caves was otherworldly. To be underground, surrounded by nature with ancient crystals and growing mineral formations was a special experience that we’ve recreated at Flow Motion so you can feel it too.  

Amethyst Cave Massages  

A massage or one of our energy healing sessions in the Amethyst Crystal cave is the most unique massage in Whatcom County! The tranquil sounds of the graduation tower combined with several tons of amethyst crystal and Himalayan salt surround you with nature for the most blissful massage experience.

Amethyst cave add-on pricing is available with any of our massage or energy healing services. Reservations must be made in advance as we shut the cave down special just for your massage. You can add-on this service to any massage at the additional private amethyst cave reservation price. The amethyst cave must be closed exclusively for your massage, so please inquire for availability and scheduling.  

Graduation tower 

Graduation towers have existed as far back as the 1400’s. It’s a simple concept using branches and twigs to break up the salt water brine flowing over it. The more surface area, the more evaporation into the air. It’s just like breathing in the salty ocean air when you’re at the beach.

Graduation towers can be found in relatively few salt caves around the US. Spa and resort towns exists across Europe where these outdoor structures resemble castle or fortress walls. People travel from all over to come to these land-locked towns to breath in the salty air. 

Over time, the salt minerals will deposit on the ends of the twigs and branches when drops of water drip from the ends, leaving an active and growing salt crystal formation that will get bigger over time, much like a frozen waterfall.  

Wet-salt therapy

You may have experienced wet-salt therapy if you’ve ever used a neti pot or saline rinse. The salty environment isn’t conducive to bacteria, helps break up mucous, and may ease breathing in the upper respiratory tract. 

Wet-salt therapy is beneficial to the upper respiratory tract: nose, mouth, and throat. For lower respiratory and sinus support, dry-salt therapy in the Himalayan salt cave should be considered. 

While some salt therapy centers offer rooms that pump a wet-salt mist directly into the air, Flow Motion features a graduation tower for a traditional, natural, and gentle wet-salt therapy. 


Explore the therapeutically relaxing and supportive benefits:  

1. Therapeutic relaxation

Relaxation can seem like an overused term. We refer to it as a beginning sequence of effects in the body that have a cascading domino effect physically, emotionally, and mentally. Science isn’t needed to explain this feeling, as we’ve all felt it. Just holding a warm cup of coffee or tea in the morning can have an instant effect on your mental outlook and relaxes your body before even taking a sip. The feeling you get when your toe first touches your bathwater. The aim of the amethyst cave is to create the instant relaxation response in a therapeutically supportive way by using your senses of sight, sound, smell, touch, and perhaps even taste to positively effect your health.  

2. Respiratory Support

Wet-salt therapy is beneficial to the upper respiratory system: the nose, mouth, and upper throat. Like spending a day at the beach, breathing in the salty air is known to have a positive impact on health.  

3. Circulation

Far-infrared wavelengths have been shown to aid blood circulation, especially among capillaries in the skin. 

4. Improved sleep

Acoustic therapy, color therapy, and far-infrared wavelengths may all help improve sleep. The low level of heat emitted by amethyst crystals may help provide a sense of calm for the body, which support a healthy sleep cycle.

5. Cellular Regeneration

Far-infrared wavelengths are known to support healthy cell growth and regeneration. Scientific studies have shown that the increase in energy levels in the body promote the growth of healthy cells.

6. Mood Support

Amethyst as a crystal and purple as a color are known to be both peaceful and recharging at the same time. The sound of water is powerful when used as a therapeutic relaxation tool to decrease stress and feelings of anxiousness. Far-infrared is known to help support mood too. In one study, far infrared-emitting discs were placed under the pillows of subjects during sleep. Subjects with the discs reported a statistically significant increase in overall life satisfaction in direct contrast to those with the placebo disk. 


 7. Antioxidant activity

There are many known health benefits associated with antioxidants. Research indicates that exposure to far-infrared wavelengths may increase antioxidant activity. 

8. Fluid Movement

Along with blood, lymph fluid motility may be improved in response to far-infrared wavelengths. It also may help support normal fluid balance in tissues.  

9. Wound support

Far-infrared wavelengths may help the repair mechanisms in skin tissue. Other benefits may be seen related to chronic and acute skin damage. Color therapy may also support general repair in the body.

10. Fights bacteria

Science shows that salt is anti-microbial and introducing it into the respiratory system helps contribute to an environment bacteria don’t favor. Far-infrared wavelengths are also known to inhibit bacterial growth. Scientists have found that it is far-infrared wavelengths specifically, and not merely the heat, which inhibits the growth of some bacteria in the body.  

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