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Aerial Yoga at Flow Motion

When was the Last Time You Did Something for the First Time?

Aerial yoga can do two distinct things for your yoga practice:

Aerial yoga can UPLEVEL your yoga practice.

For our regular yoga members who are looking for a new challenge or for those who have a different physical practice that they love and have been doing awhile, aerial yoga is a brand new challenge. It helps advance your practice and take it to a new level.

Aside from new physical challenges, it is mentally refreshing to do something new. Aerial yoga challenges your brain. A typical aerial yoga class can provide the brain with healthy spatial challenges. Your yoga practice now has a new dimension.

Aerial yoga can be like TRAINING WHEELS to develop your yoga practice.

Aerial yoga is wonderfully adaptive to your yoga practice. The yoga swing can be used as an extra support and an assist that you wouldn’t have in a traditional yoga class. Picture those challenging balance poses. For those challenged by these poses, instead of hopping all over your mat or not even attempting the pose, the yoga swing offers support as you strengthen your core and stabilizer muscles until you eventually don’t need it in your regular yoga practice.


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Setting our Intention for Aerial Yoga

One thing we love about aerial yoga is the playfulness. It feels good to laugh and smile while trying something new or trying an inversion for the very first time in a supportive hammock and feeling the sense of accomplishment that comes with doing something you weren’t able to do before.

What About Pricing?

We wanted to include aerial yoga and aerial fitness classes in our current pricing, so we did! Aerial yoga classes and aerial fitness classes are all included in our pricing options. So whether you are coming for just a single class, using a digital punch card, or have a membership, aerial yoga and fitness classes are included. Just starting out with us? We recommend our new student Intro Offer. 

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Our New Aerial Yoga Classroom

One thing Flow Motion is known for is vision. In 2021 we renovated and opened a new yoga classroom so we could expand our class offerings. This was our biggest addition to Flow Motion since the salt cave was completed two years prior, and the biggest addition to our yoga program since being the first to bring infrared hot yoga to Whatcom County in 2017.

Our new classroom is right across the hall from our infrared hot yoga classroom. The classroom is right next to the big green door in the photo below. The classroom stretches between this hallway and the end of another hallway, next our Couple’s Massage Suite. 

Our aerial yoga room features the spiritual color combination of white and purple. We’ve even selected air scrubbing plants with purple in them to accent the space. It’s minimally decorated with plenty of space for classes, workshops, and even floating sound baths! We eliminated fluorescent lighting and now have dimmable lights for our cocooned savasanas. 

With the addition of our aerial yoga classroom, it gives us three yoga spaces with different vibes to practice yoga in. Featuring the same exposed timbers just like our other rooms, this room is simple and bright as opposed to our infrared hot yoga room with a darker, cozier feel, and our non-heated yoga room with Himalayan salt walls and lots of plants all over the room.

You can buy your own yoga swing to bring to class if you’d like to have your own (these are the only yoga swings permitted in our classroom). They’re also great to set up for an at-home practice.

Use the link provided to purchase from our trainer’s website. The Deluxe Swing is what we utilize in our classes.

What is Aerial Yoga?
Aerial Yoga as a practice started over 10 years ago, as teachers began combining traditional yoga asanas with suspension training and aerial arts.

Most styles of Aerial Yoga share in common the use of a suspension system with therapeutic value. This refers to an aerial hammock (also sometimes referred to as the aerial “silk”) or an aerial yoga swing, which is suspended from the ceiling or a metal frame. The apparatus not only supports your weight, but also eases pressure on the body by creating space in your joints, decompressing your spine, and helping you to find greater mobility.

Benefits of practicing Aerial Yoga:

  • Beneficial for re-aligning correct symmetry in the body.
  • Promotes healthy digestion and circulation.
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage and natural detoxification of the body.
  • Stimulates myofascial release, similar to the benefits of a rolfing session.
  • Helps develop upper-arm and core strength.
  • Hammocks provide support for certain poses (such as inversions and backbends).
  • Provides natural alignment adjustments.


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Meet Your Teachers

Alyssa, Mika, and Molly completed the Aerial Yoga Play teacher training in July 2021. The program creator trained the Flow Motion team herself right here in Ferndale- the first training she was able to offer in over a year and a half due to world events.


Alyssa is the owner of Flow Motion and her passion is working with beginners! She absolutely loves helping people discover something new, gain confidence, laugh, have fun, and feel good doing something brand new. As someone who is considered an empath or an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), she is dedicated to helping people find calm, slow brainwave patterns, and guide people how to balance their parasympathetic nervous system with ease. You can expect to see her teaching foundational beginner classes, floating sound baths, and aerial restorative classes.


Mika is passionate about everything. No, really! She is looking forward to helping students grow with more challenging classes. There wasn’t anything Mika didn’t try in our aerial yoga training and she did it all with a laugh and a smile. Mika is looking forward to developing aerial fitness classes aimed at helping those just starting out on a post-2021 fitness routine as well as those who are looking for the fresh challenge suspension training brings. You’ll also find her eventually teaching more intermediate classes. 


Molly has been teaching yoga and infrared hot yoga at Flow Motion for a couple of years and her classes grew to be student favorites here. Aerial yoga suits her naturally playful spirit, so you’ll find her teaching a variety of classes including our Fit to Fly aerial fitness class. Molly’s classes balance playfulness and centeredness – something we all need a little more of in life. 

What to Wear and Bring

How to set yourself up for a successful class

  • Wear clean, tight fitting clothing. Students are required to wear clothing that completely covers the under arms when arms are raised overhead. It is highly suggested to wear clothing that covers the insides of your elbows and the backs of your knees. The swings can rub on those sensitive places on your body and could cause a little discomfort otherwise.
  • Please leave all jewelry at home, including watches, Fitbits, bracelets, hair pins, all earrings, rings, necklaces, or anything metal or plastic. Please avoid wearing clothing with zippers or snaps. These items are safety hazards and can also catch on the swing fabric, causing tearing and snags in the swings, rendering the swings unusable for safety reasons. You will not be able to take an aerial yoga class wearing any of the prohibited items.
  • Avoid eating meals 2 hours before class. Some aerial yoga classes can include twists and supported inversions (always optional).
  • For your first few classes, we suggest bringing ginger drops, ginger chews, or ginger tea in your thermos. As a new student, you might experience mild motion sickness. We found that we felt much better each day of our training to where we eventually felt great, even after spending nearly all of an 8-hour training day in inversions. This tends to improve over time as you continue your practice. We offer Bhavana bamboo water bottles in our boutique complete with tea strainers and we also have doTerra Ginger drops available for purchase as well.
  • Please bring a filled water bottle to class with you. We are no longer able to offer complimentary water stations due to new health policies. We do, however, offer bottled spring water for purchase at the front desk. Remaining hydrated is a very important way to support your body throughout the detoxification process that you will experience in an aerial yoga class. We also highly recommend our Energybits brand chlorella algae tabs for a daily detox and excellent source of plant-based omegas.
  • If you prefer to use your own yoga mat, you are more than welcome to bring it. We do, however, offer mat rentals if you would rather use ours. 

Aerial Yoga Etiquette

The DO’s of Aerial Yoga

We’d love to set you up for a successful class. Please follow our policies for your safety and comfort as well as the safety and comfort of the rest of our class and staff.

  • DO arrive 15 minutes prior to class
  • DO bring your anti-nausea remedies at first in case you feel woozy
  • DO wear appropriate clothing (see above)
  • DO bring your own filled water bottle
  • DO bring a yoga mat if you have one

The DONT’S of Aerial Yoga

  • DON’T arrive late to class. Our policy no longer accommodates late arrivals, as this is disruptive to other students and the instructor. We also need time to adjust your swing prior to class and we cannot stop class for late arrivals to make adjustments. Class start time is not arrival time. You’ll need to arrive early for aerial yoga classes in order to start on time. 
  • DON’T try any poses that your instructor hasn’t given instruction for. We know there’s a lot of cool stuff out there that you would like to try. However, for your safety and the safety of our instructors, we ask that you practice the poses only after receiving proper instruction.
  • DON’T eat full meals in the two hours before class. Aerial yoga can potentially involve inversions and twists. For your comfort, it’s best to only have a light snack.

A Note Regarding Contraindications

While our whole goal is to have fun and learn and grow aerial yoga as a community, we recommend that you not participate in our aerial yoga classes if you have any of the following conditions:

Please remember, we still offer several non-aerial yoga and hot yoga classes that we’d love you to join us for!

  • Glaucoma
  • Untreated Hypertension
  • Recent Dental Surgery
  • Recent Botox
  • Recent Surgery
  • Hernia
  • Vertigo
  • Head Injury
  • Severe Arthritis
  • Sinusitis
  • Hip Replacement
  • Stroke
  • Epilepsy
  • Seizures
  • Herniated or slipped disks
  • Pregnancy

Still have questions? Please visit our aerial yoga FAQ page.

Intro to Aerial Yoga

A Single Class to Learn the Ropes 

This class is where all yoga students start before taking any of our other Aerial Yoga offerings. Learn the basics in a class designed for absolute beginners.

Class is included in our Intro Offer + all pricing options.

Students will:

  • Finish feeling confident being in the aerial yoga swing
  • Learn basic safety and aerial classroom etiquette
  • Train in basic movements to strengthen the body to eventually learn more
  • Experience and feel good with challenges not felt in traditional yoga 

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