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Frequently Asked Questions: Aerial Yoga 

Q: What is aerial yoga?

A: According to Yoga Journal, Aerial Yoga “combines acrobatic arts and anti-gravity asana,” but is also an “accessible practice that can help you find more length in your spine and safe alignment in your poses.” Aerial Yoga as a practice started over 10 years ago, as teachers began combining traditional yoga asanas with suspensions and aerial acrobatics. Most styles of Aerial Yoga share in common the use of a suspension system with therapeutic value. This refers to an aerial hammock (also sometimes referred to as the aerial “silk”) or an aerial yoga swing, which is suspended from the ceiling. The apparatus not only supports your weight, but also eases pressure on the body by creating space in your joints, decompressing your spine, and helping you to find greater mobility. 

Q: What is the weight limit for your aerial swings or hammocks?

A: 400 pounds or less is the recommend weight limit for our aerial swings and hammocks. 

Q: What are the benefits of aerial yoga?

A: Practicing Aerial Yoga in its many forms can be beneficial for re-aligning correct symmetry in the body, promoting healthy digestion and circulation, as well as stimulating lymphatic drainage, which supports the natural detoxification of the body. Literally every system of your body is positively impacted through the practice of Aerial Yoga. There is even evidence to suggest that hanging upside down improves mood and can have an anti-aging effect by mitigating the effects of gravity!
As you allow your body to be held and supported by the hammock or swing, the gentle squeezing of the fabric against your legs, arms, and torso help to stimulate myofascial release, similar to the benefits of a Rolfing session.

Students who practice Aerial Yoga develop a kind of upper-arm and core strength not typically seen in students who practice only traditional yoga. With the support of the swing or hammock, certain poses (such as inversions and back-bends) can actually be more safely achieved and practiced with less risk of injury than in traditional yoga. The hammock or swing can also provide natural alignment adjustments due to its placement at the hip joints in postures such as Standing Forward Fold or Downward Facing Dog, for example.

Practicing aerial yoga enhances your practice by allowing you to explore familiar poses in a new way, creates greater awareness of sensation in the body, and provides you with the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and experience something new.

Q: Do I need to already be flexible to do aerial yoga?

A: No, you do not. But you do need to have a basic level of fitness that will allow you to do things like lift your foot up to the level of the silk (you can use your hands to assist) and enough upper body strength to complete a modified push up (knees down on mat).

Q: What should I wear to an aerial yoga class?

A: In addition to applying deodorant, it is a good idea to wear clean, tight fitting clothing. We require students to wear clothing that completely covers your under arms. It is highly suggested to wear clothing that covers the insides of your elbows and the backs of your knees. The swings can rub on those sensitive places on your body and could cause a little discomfort. Please leave all jewelry at home, including watches, bracelets, and hair pins. These items can catch and cause tearing and snags in the fabric of the hammocks, rendering the swings unusable for safety reasons.

Q: I’m out of shape. Can I still participate in aerial yoga classes? 

A: Yes! We offer aerial classes for various fitness levels so that there is always something for everyone to enjoy. You will be amazed at how quickly your body begins to acclimate the more you practice and get comfortable with the swing, gaining both strength and flexibility.

Q: What should I bring to class

A: For your first few classes, we suggest bringing ginger drops, ginger chews, or ginger tea in your thermos. You can also find beautiful water bottles complete with tea strainers and doTerra Ginger drops available for purchase in our wellness boutique.

As a new student, you might experience mild motion sickness. This tends to improve over time as you continue your practice. During our staff’s own aerial teacher training, we found that we felt much better each day to the point where we eventually felt great, even after spending nearly all of an 8-hour training day in inversions.

Please bring a filled water bottle to class with you. We are no longer able to offer complimentary water stations due to new health policies. We do, however, offer bottled spring water for purchase at the front desk. Remaining hydrated is a very important way to support your body throughout the detoxification process that you will experience in an aerial yoga class. We also highly recommend our Energybits brand chlorella algae tabs for a daily detox and excellent source of plant-based omegas.

Special yoga mats are provided for aerial yoga. No need to bring one along. They are sanitized after each class.  

Q: How do I decide which class I should take?
A: We’re adapting a ‘grow with our community’ philosophy within our aerial yoga program. We are requiring that everyone start with our beginner’s aerial yoga classes and from there we will develop appropriate level classes that fit our community’s needs. Once we have an established program, our more advanced classes will have prerequisites and/or you will need special permissions from our staff to take them.

Q: What should I wear to aerial yoga classes?

A: We recommend comfortable but close-fitting clothing. Tank tops alone are not permitted and shorts are discouraged, as the hammock fabric can pinch or chafe when in direct contact with bare skin. Shirts with full sleeves are required and longer pants or leggings are preferable. Please remove all jewelry, hair clips, or objects that may snag the hammocks.

Q: What can I expect when I arrive at the studio?

A: When you arrive at the studio, our friendly concierge staff will greet you and help you check in for class. We’ll walk you to your classroom, introduce you to your teacher, and we’ll show you which aerial hammock or swing you’ll be using for that class.

Q: How do you clean the studio

A: Commonly-touched hard surfaces and the studio and lobby floor are cleaned daily. Windows will be open when possible to increase ventilation. Swings/hammocks are disinfected between use and washed and dried regularly. 

Q: Do I need to wear a mask while practicing at your studio?

A: It depends. If you are fully vaccinated from Covid, then you are not required to wear a mask. Masks are required at all times for those who have not been vaccinated. Regardless of vaccination status, we always have masks available for anyone who needs or would like to wear one. 

Q: Is it possible to socially distance while practicing at your studio?
A: Absolutely! All of our aerial swings and mats are spaced 6-feet apart to allow for sufficient range of motion in addition to COVID safety. 

Registration/Booking and Cancellations

Q: Do I have to pre-register for class?

A: Yes. We ask that everyone register for class ahead of time as we no longer accept walk-ins. If it is your first class with us, please visit the homepage of our website to create an account. Once your waiver is signed, you’ll be automatically logged into the online scheduler and may book class from there. After your account is created you may also download the WellnessLiving Achieve app to your phone and schedule from there if that is more convenient for you.
We hold class even if only one student has registered, but if no students have registered for a class two hours before it is scheduled to begin, the class for that day will be cancelled and removed from our online scheduler. Please be sure to use the online scheduler and sign up before the two-hour window closes. You may either log on using the homepage of our website or the WellnessLiving Achieve scheduling app.

Q: How early should I arrive for class?

A: The classroom doors open for students 15 minutes before the class begins. Students are encouraged to come 15 minutes early in order to have enough time to have your hammock adjusted for your height, get settled, meet your teacher, use the restroom, and start to let go of the day before you start the class.
We no longer accept late arrivals into classes.

Once the class has begun, check-in will be closed. Safety procedures need to be followed, like making adjustments to the height of the hammock, and this cannot be done once class has begun. This also ensures a quiet, reflective time for the beginning grounding portion of class without any disruptions from the door opening/closing and late students setting up. We want to be fair to the students who have arrived on time since this portion of class sets the tone for the remainder of their hour, so please understand that we cannot make exceptions. Please adjust your schedule so you arrive 15 minutes before every class. If you’re attending class for the very first time, please give yourself extra time to park and find us in this big historic building! If you miss a class due to a late arrival, please refer to our cancellation policy for late-cancellations.

Q: What is your cancellation/refund policy?

A: We have a 24-hour cancellation policy for all yoga classes. If you do need to cancel your registration for a class, please be sure to do so either from our website through your Account Login or through the scheduling app on your phone no less than 24 hours before the class is scheduled to start, otherwise you’ll be charged a $25 late cancel fee. If you cancel more than 24 hours before the class start time, then your purchase option will be refunded to your Flow Motion account and can be used toward your next class.
Please note that a class will be cancelled if there is no one registered 2 hours before the class is scheduled to start.

Q: How much do classes cost? What are the purchase options?
A: Aerial yoga classes will be included in our memberships that resume this October, our digital punch cards, and single class drop-in rates. We have several options for you! Please see our pricing page for more information or call us at 360-393-8829 if you need additional assistance.

Q: What if I just want to take the Aerial Yoga Workshop Beginner’s Series?
A: That’s great! We do offer the workshop series as a stand-alone purchase for $180.00. 

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